Give in celebration 

Make your upcoming celebration all the more special by choosing the Monash Health Foundation as the beneficiary of donations in lieu of gifts. 

Instead of gifts, why not ask your family and friends to make a donation to the Monash Health Foundation so that we can pass on that gift to our patients and staff?

We can send you our In Celebration donation envelopes to include with your event invitation.

To help make collecting donations even easier, the Monash Health Foundation has partnered with Everyday Hero so that you can create your very own personalised hero page that you can share with your family and friends and encourage them to donate online.

It’s free, easy to build and easy to share. All it takes is an email with the unique link to your hero page. Each donation is recorded, receipted and your donors can even leave you a personal message of support.

For more information and to receive donation envelopes please contact the Monash Health Foundation on (03) 9594 2700 or email

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