Hip Hip Hooray! Happy Anniversary! Welcome Home!

You can celebrate and enhance your upcoming celebration and make it all the more special by choosing the Monash Health Foundation as the beneficiary of donations in lieu of gifts. 

Instead of gifts, why not ask your family and friends to make a donation to the Monash Health Foundation so that we can pass on that gift to our patients and staff.  We can arrange to send you our In Celebration donation envelopes so you can include with your invitation.

To help make collecting donations even easier, the Monash Health Foundation has partnered with Everyday Hero so that you can create your very own personalised hero page that you can share with your family and friends and encourage them to donate online.

It’s free, easy to build and easy to share. All it takes is an email with the unique link to your hero page. Each donation is recorded, receipted and your donors can even leave you a personal message of support.

Got questions? Contact the Monash Health Foundation on (03) 9594 2700 or email foundation@monashhealth.org

  Your Birthday is a special day - if you dont know what your family and friends can get you why not ask them to make a donation to Monash Health - your gift will make a big difference.
  As you join together on your wedding day, knowing you have made a difference to those needing the medical support of Monash Health will make your day that much more rewarding.
  Why not suggest a gift in lieu on your anniversary - friends and familhy can easily donate through your own special fundriaisng page.
Welcome home  Finally out of hospital and on the mend!  This is a great way to ask family and friends to thank those that cared for you.
  The birth of your little one at Monash Health was special - we appreciate your support in assisting us maintain and improve our excellent maternity care services.

Monash Health Foundation

At Monash Health we are passionate about providing exceptional healthcare for Victorians of all ages. As part of our service we provide care across the entire lifespan, from prenatal care to paediatric, women’s health, cardiology, intensive care and palliative care as well as support for families and carers.

The Monash Health Foundation raises funds for new technology, innovative projects, education, research and capital improvements to deliver excellence in health care across Monash Health. There is always more we want to do to help our patients.

Our major hospitals include Monash Medical Centre Clayton, Monash Children’s Hospital, MonashHeart, Moorabbin Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, the Kingston Centre, and Cranbourne Integrated Community Care Centre as well as many other community health centres across Melbourne.

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