This year nearly 11,000 babies will be delivered at Monash Health making us the largest maternity service in Victoria. This Mother's Day we invite you to support our many new mums with a donation to the Monash Women's Mother's Day Appeal. Every generous donation goes to ensuring new mums have the best medical equipment and receive the comfort, support and special care they need. With your support we can give women and their families the best chance at a healthy future. This Mother's Day have celebrated by sharing a range of stories from the women who have their babies here at Monash Health.


Veronique Wulff is the mother of five beautiful children. She is also a past patient of Monash Health. Veronique was rushed to Monash Health in 2011 when her soon-to-be son was eager to enter the world, at only 24 weeks gestation.

Ashton Wulff (pictured bottom right) was born in September 2011 weighing only 857 grams. With the help of the dedicated Monash Health staff, Ashton put up a fight for life. He spent 70 days in a humidicrib to stay warm, receiving delicate breaths of life from a ventilator.

Veronique reflects on how important the medical equipment was in keeping her son alive; “I looked at that piece of equipment and thought; that crib is doing for my son what my body no longer can,” says Veronique.


Danielle gave birth to little Lachlan at just 25 weeks gestation. “It was my first time as a mum. I had heard the stories of premature births but I never thought it would happen to me,” Danielle says.

Lachlan came into the world weighing only 635 grams. He spent his first 12 months of life at Monash Health.

“It was a long and stressful journey, every time the hospital called us we didn’t know what to expect, we thought we may have lost him.”

This year Danielle is celebrating Mother’s Day with her strong and healthy 4 year old son, Lachlan. She is forever grateful for the care she received by the Monash Health medical staff who helped save her son's life.


Emily thought her fatigue was a normal part of pregnancy, however when she struggled to find the energy to eat or drink, Emily sought medical help. At around 16 weeks pregnant a cardio-echogram found that Emily had a hole in her heart, approximately 5cm large.

Fortunately a team of Monash Health cardiologists and feotal specialists were able to patch the hole in Emily's heart, avoiding the need for open heart surgery.
After the successful surgery to mend the hole in Emily's heart, doctors were concerned about the strain that giving birth would put on the heart. However with the support of the dedicated Monash Health specialist team, Emily experienced minimal complications and a determined baby Emelia entered the world in December 2015.

This Mother's Day Emily looks forward to receiving morning cuddles in bed - a treat Emily receives most morning's from her 2 little girls. "I am so grateful to see my beautiful daughters play and grow up together, I am so lucky to have them both, if it wasn't for the staff at Monash Health I may not have been here today," says Emily.

Monash Health Foundation

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We often spend money on flowers, chocolates and gifts for Mother’s Day. To give a gift that benefits thousands of mothers and babies like Lachlan you can give generously to the Monash Health Mother’s Day Appeal. All of the generous gifts to the Mother’s Day Appeal enable Monash Health to invest in vital equipment for babies born in our care.

To support thousands of mothers like Veronique, Danielle and Emily this Mother's Day, simply click the purple "Donate" button above. Thank you for giving the gift of good health to the mums and babies in our care.

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