1.       When and Where?

Registrations for The Pyjama Fun Run will take start at 9am, on Sunday, 7 October at Princes Park in Carlton. First run will commence at 10am. We recommend arriving 40 minutes prior to your start time to allow enough time to find car park, change into your pyjamas (if needed), and to collect your bib.

2.       What are the distances?

There is a 3.2km or a 9.6km available.

3.       Will the Event be timed?

The arch will have a clock to display the time elapsed, however for the most accurate reading we suggest you bring a stopwatch to time yourself.

4.       What do I wear to and from the event?

If you are on public transport and don’t want to wear your pyjamas on the tram/train then wear a tracksuit over the top. There will be a place to manage your bag, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage to property so we advise that you do not leave any valuables in your bag.

5.       Do I have to run in my pyjamas?

No if you really prefer to running in your training clothes you may, but wearing pyjamas is part of the fun. But we would rather you run in training clothes than not at all.

6.       Do I run in my runners of slippers?

No, definitely wear runners. Appropriate footwear is essential.

7.      How do I get there?

Free parking is available on Royal parade and Bowen Crescent. Paid Parking will be available at Ikon Stadium (Carlton football ground). The event will commence just north of the stadium or Public transport is the No 19 tram stop 17. It commences at Flinders St Station and runs along Elizabeth St to Royal Parade.

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