(Leslie, patient of Monash Lung & Sleep)

I was told my snoring was keeping my wife awake, so most nights, during the night my wife changed beds, which had an uneasy effect on my sleeping properly. Some mornings after 8-10 hours in bed, I still felt tired. Often in the afternoon would have a nanny nap while watching TV.

This was before an appointment was made for me at the Sleep centre. The Doctor got some tests done, then introduced Professor Darren Mansfield, who advised me, if their advice was followed, my general wellbeing would improve. Sleep Apnoea would improve with a breathing machine used while sleeping and prevention medication for Athsma.

After starting this my sleep seems much more refreshing, energy to achieve things is greater, ability to remember things has improved, seldom nanny nap, Wife is very pleased and has not had to change beds due to no snoring. Nightly trip to the toilet is later. Feeling very positive about life, THANKYOU to all the people at the Monash Medical Centre, Sleep Centre! 

Best Regards, Les


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