Aboriginal Healing Garden has now finished

31 Oct 2013 - 28 Feb 2014

What is the Aboriginal Healing Garden?

We are working with an existing courtyard space at Monash Medical centre in Clayton, Victoria. The space is to be transformed into a healing place for contemplation and light distraction, free from stress of harsh hospital environments. It aims to capture a special spirit of place for Indigenous people. The space also welcomes non-indigenous people to engage with culturally respectful enquiry. It will be used by patients and their families for sacred small ceremonies and used for gatherings to recognize National Aboriginal events by staff. We hope this becomes a model project for hospitals across Australia to showcase the value of bridging partnerships in public and private sectors in the health and the arts.


What is a Close the Gap project?

Monash Health has embraced the mission statement Aboriginal Health is everyone’s responsibility and identified key areas to make their hospital more welcoming for aboriginal people.  Close the Gap is a Federal and State  health and education policy to improve the discrepancy between Indigenous and non indigenous disadvantage nation wide.  We hope to take leadership with International recognition.

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